Night, mother goddess of both Space and Day,
And birthed from Chaos, first that e’er held sway.
You hound the dusk and banish Day below,
Until the Dawn returns with rosy glow.
Your reign is greatest in the winter time;
You conquer and your triumph is sublime.
The scorching heat of summer you relieve;
In your embrace the weary find reprieve.
Your children, Sleep and Death, are comfort to
The soul whose work, whose day, whose life is through.
The horses of your chariot are black,
And darkness is your shield from all attack.
In you the truth is hidden from the sight,
And none can wrest it from you by their might.
Though many fear, in you no fright is found
But quiet, peace, and wisdom all abound.

For Chaos

Unseen, unheard, unknown, not understood;
No depths determined, dreamed, no daring could
So plumb the pale to pierce the place where first
The things we think we know were then dispersed,
The primeval void, the very undivined:
Cold Chaos cannot even be defined.
Did such birth space and all that we suppose?
How it happened no one in heaven knows.