Aigle, or Health

The queen of riches, bounteous in gifts,
Whose kindness quickens, beautifies, and lifts,
Is Health, the goddess, who gives life its charm –
Else all is evil, bitterness, and harm.
Who lacks your favour, soon makes friends with Death,
And flies to him with their last rattling breath:
But whom you bless has strength in all his limbs,
And vigour touching all his hopes and whims.
With shining skin and sparkling eyes he goes;
His active mind like water smoothly flows.
On paths uneven, yet his feet are sure;
He runs and swims, and faints not. To endure
Whatever trial taxes not his frame;
He stands upright and stoops not, nor is lame.
No better wealth in all the world is found:
Whom you forsake to wretchedness is bound
But let it not be such with us, but bless
Our lives, and free our minds from all distress.